Russian sport’s doping problem

Russian and former Eastern block countries have long been accused of their use of performance enhancing drugs, dating back to the 1970s. As testing procedures at sports events have become more sophisticated a high number of sportsmen and women have been caught and banned or suspended. In more recent years the problem has been widespread amongst Chinese athletes, with even Western Europe and North American athletes receiving bans too.

A recent investigation into Russian dope testing procedures has suggested that more than 1000 athletes have been involved in state sponsored doping, causing a huge controversy. The report suggests that between 2011 and 2015 state sponsored doping was rife in over 30 different sports in the country. The report states that doses of salt and coffee were used by the athletes before being tested to hide the evidence. The report’s author Richard Mclaren stated that the London 2012 olympics were ‘ corrupted on an unprecedented scale’.

Mclaren recently wrote a second report detailing more depth and evidence of the scandal, something which Russian authorities have flatly denied. They have requested the International Olympic Committee investigate and provide more proof. Russia won 72 medals at the London games, 21 being gold. Mclaren has stated that Russian MPs cannot argue the evidence is there in his reports. The evidence includes 2 Russian female ice hockey players giving male urine samples, other samples had evidence of tampering and the most important find was that emails were disclosed from The Russian Ministry of Sport asking what they should do with positive samples, to save them or quarantine them.

The International Olympic Committee, will follow up with a thorough investigation as this leaves the games very tainted. Recent games have already come under scrutiny due to over expenditure, with the 2014 winter Olympics allegedly costing $40bn.

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Put together a Tactical Airsoft Loadout

Welcome back everybody, Eddie here again and thanks for tuning in to my sports and fitness blog once again. I hope you guys are ready for a post about a high energy, fast paced world of airsoft. Recently I got back into the airsoft game, and thanks to an ad on saw online for a full used airsoft loadout( this ad I am back in action. The loadout I got was a full tactical airsoft loadout, and I am loving it. Tactical airsoft really brings a new element to the sport, and for a hardcore player one tactical match can be better than playing a dozen normal matches. That’s why I have this list of tactical gear so that you can make your own airsoft loadout.

Communication Gear

If you are going to be playing a high stakes game with your crew than you need some way to communicate with each other on the field. You can use some typical walkie talkies, but having to find them and use the controls can be a fumbly option in the heat of a battle. That’s why I use over the ear headsets, like the Z-Tactical throat microphone. Allowing you to be as quiet as possible and still communicate with your team, these headsets are push to talk and can be wired up to most in-suit PDA or in glove mechanisms. You can also opt for a more traditional option, Motorola makes great headsets and walkie talkies still.


Water Carriers

No, this is not because airsoft is becoming the next weird sport. If you are planning on attending any military sims or large tactical operations, then you will need water at some point and the 500ml bottle your mom had in her car isn’t going to be enough. Personally, I use CamelPaks under my uniform for the most part, but sometimes it gets really hot out and I switch that out for a hydration bladder that attaches to my vest. These are fairly easy to get in a kit, as long as you can find one with a MOLLE vest and some accessories.



As I just mentioned a water carrier that attaches to MOLLE gear, maybe I should explain what that actually is. MOLLE is essentially very strong, very durable Velcro that covers the entirety of tactical vests or other clothing items. Something I have come to really like are MOLLE pouches that you can collapse, as then can be smaller if only needed to hold small items oor large to hold something bigger. You can carry a couple of grenades in a pouch, and as you use them you can shrink the pouch accordingly. You can find one for sale here:

Training Knife

I know this is a controversial piece of airsoft equipment, but I think that it has a proper place in the tactical world, and also has a place in the non-competitive world. I have some friends who did a tactical match in California a couple months ago, and one of them would throw flashbangs while the other would run and knife enemies. Even the opposing team had to applaud the unique outlook, it may be from Call of Duty but it still works on the airsoft battlefield. Personally I like to be a bit more extravagant with my airsoft knife, and have gotten myself a hatchet for my close quarters combat loadout. All plastic and rubber of course, but it still weighs over 10 pounds so lugging that thing around is a work out.


This is not some Russian fight club, if you want to play some serious airsoft then you need gloves. And because in airsoft you are using a small sensitive trigger, you need good tactical gloves. I recommend armored gloves, as they are less bulky than the padded versions but give more protection. They are also much more efficient for climbing or mantling objects, and the armor protects you from painful broken fingers from being crushed as well.

Tactical Weapon Sling

If you are planning on doing any close quarter airsoft matches, or use specialized weapons such as sniper rifles or shotguns then you may want to invest in a tactical sling to attach your weapon to. A sling can greatly decrease the time it takes to ready your weapon, and can make switching between two weapons seamless. The best slings attach to the front and side of your airsoft gun, and they also attach on four plus point on your back harness. This allows a quick dropping a picking up of your airsoft guns with minimal down time.


So those are the things I would recommend anyone get for their own tactical airsoft loadout. Once again, you can find full loadouts online but putting one together yourself ensures you have the right pieces, definitely check out Happy holidays folk.

Russian Mixed Martial Arts

Whats up guys, Eddie here again with another post for my sports and fitness blog. I was recently watching some highlights of the latest UFC match online when I stumbled upon this Russian MMA league called Hip Show. This is nothing like your average mixed martial arts competition, Hip show is a 2 on 2 fight in a gigantic arena with obstacles, ropes and pretty much anything you would expect to see in a gorilla enclosure minus the bananas. Hip show is all about team combat, with contestants have both members of the team in the arena at the same time. And did I mention the arena? This isn’t some standard octagon, this arena is 12 meters by 12 meters and has 3-level structures that reach up to 2 meters high! This gives combatants the choice of how to fight, should they try and run around the obstacles to surprise their opponent, or simply throw their opponent into the structure?

You are probably thinking “Holy shit how do people not die doing that?” and they don’t seem to, at least not that I can find. Hip show uses more protective gear than any high level mixed martial arts program, including helmets and boxing style gloves. The sports is also heavily regulated, having the same rules that any other mixed martial arts organization does. The biggest safety issue is the combatants, as they can be anything but professional. Some matches are just awful because some of the fighters are just used to drunkenly fighting in a bar, and going up against someone with actual fight training makes for a quick fight. I have seen some pretty gruesome hits, especially when people start swinging on the rope and delivering kicks but the sport tries to keep it as safe as possible and I have not seen someone unable to get up under their own power, which I can’t say for the UFC. Take it easy everyone, hope you enjoyed this post and see you next week.

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Strange Sports- UK Edition

Hey guys, Eddie here again to grace this sports blog with its first sports post-the wacky world of sports! I did some reading recently about strange sports that are played around the world and found that there are a lot of these strange competitions held in different cities/towns in the UK. Of course, most are just an annual tradition now but some are well hashed out sports, with small leagues to boot. Poohsticks has to be the strangest one I read about though. The sport was first mentioned in a Winnie the Pooh book named ‘The House at Pooh Corner’ by A.A. Milne. The sport(if you can really call it that) is quite simple-participants stand over a bridge holding a stick. They then drop the stick into the water and see whose stick makes it to a point upstream first. The Annual World Championships for Poohsticks is held at Day’s Lock over the river Thames and has been held there since 1984.

Another crazy sport that is held in the UK is bed racing. An event is held every year in the small town of Knaresborough in North Yorkshire. When the first race was held in 1965 it was only open to members of the Navy, Air Force and US Marines but has since been opened to all competitors. Teams consist of 5 members, plus a bed and a sixth member on the bed. Beds are to be supplied by the team, and must be decorated to match the theme that changes yearly. Rules are simple, the bed must have four wheels but also be able to float as the final part of the race is across a river. The contest is a grueling one, with teams having to face the one-in-five gradient hill climb that is Castle Top before running back down and crossing the aforementioned river. What a ride! See you guys next week with some more crazy sports stories.

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Hello and Welcome to my Sports Blog

Hey guys, my name is Eddie and welcome to Eddie’s Sports and Fitness blog. I am really happy that you guys are giving me a chance, I will try my best to bring you all the latest news and information in the sporting world, combines with some opinion pieces and maybe even some product reviews.  have spent much of my life close to sports, when I was younger I received belts in three different martial arts disciplines. I spent much of my childhood riding through the hills on quads and dirt bikes. In high school I was even recruited to play NCAA sports but blew my knee our before starting. And through all those different sports, with different groups of people and different skills/ideals I became a much better man, and I know that I would not be who I am today without those experiences. This has lead me to  believe that sports are very helpful to people, especially children who are still learning. That’s why I created this blog; to help people become more educated about sports and fitness and I hope that this can help you broaden your understanding. Make sure to tune in next week for my very first post about some sports you may not have heard of.