Put together a Tactical Airsoft Loadout

Welcome back everybody, Eddie here again and thanks for tuning in to my sports and fitness blog once again. I hope you guys are ready for a post about a high energy, fast paced world of airsoft. Recently I got back into the airsoft game, and thanks to an ad on saw online for a full used airsoft loadout( this ad http://www.cheap.forsale/airsoft-loadout) I am back in action. The loadout I got was a full tactical airsoft loadout, and I am loving it. Tactical airsoft really brings a new element to the sport, and for a hardcore player one tactical match can be better than playing a dozen normal matches. That’s why I have this list of tactical gear so that you can make your own airsoft loadout.

Communication Gear

If you are going to be playing a high stakes game with your crew than you need some way to communicate with each other on the field. You can use some typical walkie talkies, but having to find them and use the controls can be a fumbly option in the heat of a battle. That’s why I use over the ear headsets, like the Z-Tactical throat microphone. Allowing you to be as quiet as possible and still communicate with your team, these headsets are push to talk and can be wired up to most in-suit PDA or in glove mechanisms. You can also opt for a more traditional option, Motorola makes great headsets and walkie talkies still.


Water Carriers

No, this is not because airsoft is becoming the next weird sport. If you are planning on attending any military sims or large tactical operations, then you will need water at some point and the 500ml bottle your mom had in her car isn’t going to be enough. Personally, I use CamelPaks under my uniform for the most part, but sometimes it gets really hot out and I switch that out for a hydration bladder that attaches to my vest. These are fairly easy to get in a kit, as long as you can find one with a MOLLE vest and some accessories.



As I just mentioned a water carrier that attaches to MOLLE gear, maybe I should explain what that actually is. MOLLE is essentially very strong, very durable Velcro that covers the entirety of tactical vests or other clothing items. Something I have come to really like are MOLLE pouches that you can collapse, as then can be smaller if only needed to hold small items oor large to hold something bigger. You can carry a couple of grenades in a pouch, and as you use them you can shrink the pouch accordingly. You can find one for sale here: http://www.cheap.forsale/molle-vest

Training Knife

I know this is a controversial piece of airsoft equipment, but I think that it has a proper place in the tactical world, and also has a place in the non-competitive world. I have some friends who did a tactical match in California a couple months ago, and one of them would throw flashbangs while the other would run and knife enemies. Even the opposing team had to applaud the unique outlook, it may be from Call of Duty but it still works on the airsoft battlefield. Personally I like to be a bit more extravagant with my airsoft knife, and have gotten myself a hatchet for my close quarters combat loadout. All plastic and rubber of course, but it still weighs over 10 pounds so lugging that thing around is a work out.


This is not some Russian fight club, if you want to play some serious airsoft then you need gloves. And because in airsoft you are using a small sensitive trigger, you need good tactical gloves. I recommend armored gloves, as they are less bulky than the padded versions but give more protection. They are also much more efficient for climbing or mantling objects, and the armor protects you from painful broken fingers from being crushed as well.

Tactical Weapon Sling

If you are planning on doing any close quarter airsoft matches, or use specialized weapons such as sniper rifles or shotguns then you may want to invest in a tactical sling to attach your weapon to. A sling can greatly decrease the time it takes to ready your weapon, and can make switching between two weapons seamless. The best slings attach to the front and side of your airsoft gun, and they also attach on four plus point on your back harness. This allows a quick dropping a picking up of your airsoft guns with minimal down time.


So those are the things I would recommend anyone get for their own tactical airsoft loadout. Once again, you can find full loadouts online but putting one together yourself ensures you have the right pieces, definitely check out http://www.cheap.forsale/. Happy holidays folk.