Strange Sports- UK Edition

Hey guys, Eddie here again to grace this sports blog with its first sports post-the wacky world of sports! I did some reading recently about strange sports that are played around the world and found that there are a lot of these strange competitions held in different cities/towns in the UK. Of course, most are just an annual tradition now but some are well hashed out sports, with small leagues to boot. Poohsticks has to be the strangest one I read about though. The sport was first mentioned in a Winnie the Pooh book named ‘The House at Pooh Corner’ by A.A. Milne. The sport(if you can really call it that) is quite simple-participants stand over a bridge holding a stick. They then drop the stick into the water and see whose stick makes it to a point upstream first. The Annual World Championships for Poohsticks is held at Day’s Lock over the river Thames and has been held there since 1984.

Another crazy sport that is held in the UK is bed racing. An event is held every year in the small town of Knaresborough in North Yorkshire. When the first race was held in 1965 it was only open to members of the Navy, Air Force and US Marines but has since been opened to all competitors. Teams consist of 5 members, plus a bed and a sixth member on the bed. Beds are to be supplied by the team, and must be decorated to match the theme that changes yearly. Rules are simple, the bed must have four wheels but also be able to float as the final part of the race is across a river. The contest is a grueling one, with teams having to face the one-in-five gradient hill climb that is Castle Top before running back down and crossing the aforementioned river. What a ride! See you guys next week with some more crazy sports stories.

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